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Polarized Sunglasses For Southern California Living

Polarized Sunglasses For Southern California Living

Polarized sunglasses are essential for Southern Californians.  Living, working and playing in sunny San Diego requires fashion forward eyewear, of course.  We all know that!  However, finding the perfect style of sunglasses that flatter your face and are comfortable is not the only thing you should be thinking about.  The first thing the team at Optical Illusion in Del Mar thinks about at when fitting clients is protecting their eyes.  That’s why we guide clients toward choosing sunglasses with polarized lenses.  Maui Jims is one of our most popular brands for fashionable, sporty, polarized sun protection. We can also put polarized lenses into almost any frame you choose – even prescription polarized lenses!

See Better at Sea

Polarized sunglasses protect the eyes from harmful rays but there is another very important reason for Southern Californians to wear them… You will see better with polarized lenses too!  Colors are more vivid and details in the ocean are much more visible.  This is really important when spending so much of our time on the beach and on the water here in San Diego.


Maui Jim Waterways sunglasses Style #: GS267-02MR Color:  Matte Black Rubber / Neutral Grey

Optical Illusion – Maui Jim Waterways sunglasses Style #: GS267-02MR Color: Matte Black Rubber / Neutral Grey

This picture was sent in by one of our customers.  Optical Illusion just fitted him with Maui Jim Waterways and loves them!  He has a difficult prescription but that was no problem for us.  As a fisherman he spends a lot of time on the ocean.  He needed sturdy frames with killer lenses so he can see under the water.  We made prescription polarized Maui Jim HT green lenses to give him the best underwater definition.  The matte black rubber frames are stylish and rugged, perfect for rough seas.  The frames look great too!

We always recommend polarized lenses to our customers to protect your vision and allow you to see the world more vividly.  Come in to Optical Illusion to see the difference for yourself.  You can try on different pairs and step out into the sunlight to see the difference.  It is remarkable!!

Optical Illusion

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LaFont for Him!


The right pair of eyeglasses can transform your face. Eyewear empowers, transforms and defines your style. Frames can bring out the color of your eyes or accentuate features of your face. Your glasses can make you appear more handsome, more intelligent, more knowing, more stylish and more beautiful! No eyewear maker knows this better than French eyeglass designer LaFont, Paris.

The male population is so frequently overlooked or sidelined in the fashion world – well not today! Today LaFont celebrates men with collections specifically designed for men. Yes, you can have dramatic style while maintaining that masculine edge. LaFont proves this with their celebrated

LAFONT pour l’homme collection 2014

We are proud to say that we have the largest LaFont collection in the area, as well as the best service to fit your frames and lenses. We insure that your see the world beautifully while adding to the beauty of the world around you.

Optical-Illusion-Del-Mar-Lafont-2014-2       Optical-Illusion-Del-Mar-Lafont-2014-3


Giorgio Armani’s Frames of Life – Capturing Special Moments

Spring and Summer of 2014, with the release of the Frames of Life collection, Giorgio Armani once again proves why he remains to be the most sought after name when it comes to quality and luxury eyewear pieces, inspired by beautiful fragments of day to day living.


According to Armani, eyewear is one of the very first things that other people will notice when they look at you. This is the reason why it is extremely important that you search for a style that will best suit you; something that you feel comfortable in; something that will best represent who you are to the world.

Giorgio Armani’s style boasts of both a timeless and universal language that has been born from utmost precision, not the usual sterile one but something that spurs from a tireless and constant quest for natural and pure lines. He is a known as a designer who knows what he is doing, giving his best in every creation that he makes, a dedication that helped him to come up with surprising and essential shapes for glasses that are guaranteed to impress their users, thanks to the perfect combination of excellent craftsmanship and innovative materials.

An eyewear campaign that was originally launched in the year 2010, Frames of Life makes its most awaited return this year. This time around, the setting is in a cozy café in a big square in the city, with people constantly coming and going here and there. The luxury brand has filmed the entire campaign in stark black and white motif, showcasing a medley of various stories, emotions and hopes that have been tied together by one common element – none other the Frames of Life eyewear. Every single snapshot in the video vividly captures the real moments in the life of an all too realistic character and from there, their story and personality unfolds bit by bit.


The Frames of Life collection is small – just featuring four shapes which consist of tortoise shell acetates, a retro style frame as well as an infinity symbol made from titanium that pays tribute to the very first eyewear model created by Armani back in the year 1989.

Displaying both absolute sophistication and unsurpassed class, Giorgio Armani surely never fails when it comes to presenting the buying public with luxurious and quality offerings each and every time. With the combination of simplistic looks and statement frames, the Frames of Life Glasses from Armani will definitely suit any kind of style. Giving emphasis on the use of high quality and top of the line materials and strict attention to even the smallest details, the Frames of Life collection from Giorgio Armani effortlessly achieves exactly the same recognition as their acclaimed clothing line.

See the latest from Armani at Optical Illusion in Del Mar. We are located in the Flower Hill Promenade, just East of the 5 on Via de la Valle.

Coming Home

Optical.Illusion.welcome.homeA new smiling face came into Optical Illusion in the Flower Hill Mall this week telling a familiar story… She was a young woman looking for a new local optical store and Optical Illusion had come highly recommended. Despite the fact that she has been living in San Diego for almost 6 years; she was still commuting back to her favorite eyeglass store in Santa Barbara! Sounds crazy but they knew her and took great care of her.

We all want to return to the places where people know us and care about us. When you find such a place for something as important as caring for your vision, it is difficult to make a change.


Good optical stores will keep records of your prescriptions and also any eye sensitivities or conditions that you may have. Better optical stores will also keep a detailed purchase history including frames and lens specifics. But the very best place to purchase your eyeglasses will do all of the above but they will offer something more – heart. They will take the time to get to know you, be interested in who you are and care about what matters to you. They will remember you and when you return time and again, you will feel that wonderful sense of coming welcoming.


The woman with the smiling face received a warm reception, had her glasses adjusted at no charge and tried on some new frames. She talked with the owners Steven and Candace, as well as visited with several longtime customers who had also dropped in for adjustments, and new frames. The store was busy! There was a happy sense of community and celebration. The young woman left thanking the Kaisers and promising to come back soon.


In our too busy world, it’s wonderful to have a place like Optical Illusion that cares for your eyes responsibly, cares about you as a person and offers that sense of welcome. A visit to Optical Illusion is truly like coming home!

Transitions® Signature™Lenses

Function & Fashion


When you visit Optical Illusions in Del Mar you will experience sensory overload if you are into designer eyewear. We carry the most exclusive brands and have all the latest styles. So you just might think we are just about fashion… Think again! We are serious about caring for your eyes! We carry only the best quality lenses. You would perhaps not notice the difference but the difference to the health of your eyes IS impacted by the quality of your lenses.

One way we care for your eyes is by offering Transitions® Signature™Lenses. Seeing 20/20 is great, but healthy sight means more than that.  UV rays, glare and eye fatigue are challenges our eyes face daily.  Wearing Transitions® lenses, which adapt to changing light, can help you protect your eyes from all three challenges: UV rays, glare and eye fatigue!

And it’s not just about protection. It is about convenience too! With Transitions lenses your glasses and fabulous indoors and outdoors in all kinds of light! So convenient! Glasses to sunglasses then quickly back to glasses again. The most useful innovation for active eyeglass and sunglass wearers everywhere!

Transitions®  Newest & Most Responsive Adaptive Lenses 

The lenses are fully clear indoors – but outside, they’re more responsive than ever thanks to our exclusive Chromea7™ photochromic technology. They are more reactive to UV light so they get darker in more conditions, including bright sun, partially sunny, cloudy, and everything in between. They also adapt to indirect light – such as light reflected from buildings, cars, and many other surfaces.

  • Fully clear indoors and at night
  • Fast fade back speed
  • Block 100% of UVA & UVB rays
  • Fit any prescription and frame
  • Suitable for any age including children


Here’s how it works…

There are different lenses to suit your lifestyle too! Find yourself in and out of your car all day? then Transitions® Xtractive® Lenses might be the ones for you:



All day your eyes are bombarded by light.  All day Transitions XTRActive lenses adapt to help protect your eyes from fatigue and strain caused by UV light and bright glare outdoors, and even activate behind the windshield.  Indoors they have a comfortable hint of tint to shield your eyes from strain caused by harsh indoor light.

  • Activation behind the windshield of a carOptical.Illusion.del.mar_transitions_drivewear
  • Comfortable hint of tint indoors to shield the eyes from harsh indoor light
  • Our darkest lens outdoors, even in the hottest temperatures
  • Block 100% of UVA & UVB rays
  • Designed to work with most prescriptions and frames


Transitions® Has a Heart for Giving

We support Transitions efforts to help disadvantaged youth all around the world! They have programs helping in the US and abroad. Here are two of our favorites:

Transitions Optical Wins International Award for Campaign to Raise Eye Health in African-American Communities

Transitions Optical, Inc. and its trade public relations agency, Havas PR, have been honored by the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) with a Golden World Award for their campaign to raise eye health awareness in African-American communities. The initiative – which included an extensive partnership with the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) to educate at-risk African Americans within their local communities – was named “Community Relations Campaign of the Year” in the Agency category. The IPRA’s Golden World Awards for Excellence in Public Relations are the world’s top public relations awards for agencies and communications departments.

With research confirming that African Americans are at greater risk for eye damage linked to UV exposure, yet often have less access to adequate eye care, Transitions Optical partnered with the NCNW to help reach African-American communities about their eye health risks. Throughout 2012, Transitions Optical worked with local NCNW chapters to distribute eye health education during community events throughout the country. A 2013 nationwide survey of consumers showed a 29 percent increase over 2011 in the number of African Americans who understood that their ethnicity could put them at risk for eye health issues – indicating that Transitions Optical’s efforts could have played a role in this behavioral change.


Transitions Optical and Grammy and CMA Award Winning Music Artist Darius Rucker Bring Healthy, Enhanced Vision to Hundreds of Nashville Area Music Students

Brand Ambassador Darius Rucker Explains the Importance of Vision in His Life to Students at Pearl Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School

Transitions Optical and Visionworks Team Up with the Country Music Association to Provide Complimentary Vision Screenings and Eyewear
PINELLAS PARK, Fla., November 7, 2013 – In an ongoing effort to raise awareness about the importance of healthy, enhanced vision, Transitions Optical, along with brand ambassador and Transitions® adaptive lenses™ wearer Darius Rucker and industry partner Visionworks®, brought free eye care services to several hundred students at Pearl Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School prior to the 47th Annual CMA Awards in Nashville, Tenn. To underscore the importance of vision in reading and playing music, Rucker shared his own personal story with the students about the role vision has in his life, both professionally and personally.

“Being a part of this event with Transitions Optical and Visionworks was a great experience,” said Darius Rucker. “Vision is a huge part of what I do not only in the studio and on stage, but also when I’m spending time with my family. When I first realized I needed glasses, my eye doctor recommended Transitions lenses based on my busy lifestyle, since they effortlessly change from clear to dark to enhance my vision and keep my eyes comfortable, even in bright glare. Meeting with the students at Pearl Cohn was an awesome opportunity to make a positive impact in these kids’ lives, by reminding them not to take their vision for granted.”



To Date, over 500,000 children are helped.


Thanks to Bulgari, to date over 500,000 among the most vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalized children in the world are given an opportunity. Some went to school for the first time; some have a real school desk or a roof over their heads during their classes; Many have better prepared teachers and have learned life-saving lessons on health and personal hygiene. Most of them are aware of their rights, no matter their age, gender, ethnic group or economic status. Every one of these 500,000 children has experienced small and big tangible changes in their lives.

Such was the vision when design-great Bulgari began the Stop Think Give campaign. They have garnered support from some of the biggest celebrities around.

Well-known celebrities have generously accepted to be photographed wearing the Bulgari Save the Children ring. Their commitment is critical to make our Bzero1 ring a success and therefore to help rewrite the future of hundreds of thousands of the most vulnerable children around the world.

Photographer Fabrizio Ferri signed on as the artistic director of the stunning celebrities’ portraits communication campaign. Here is Sting, photographed by Fabrizio Ferri

Celebrities love more than just Bvlgari’s heart for giving! Hollywood loves Bvlgari style! Their sunglasses are worn by some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Here you see Mariah Carey, Kate Beckinsale and Angelina Jolie all wearing their favorite Bulgari styles.

mariah_carey  katebeckinsalegym2  angelina_jolie_bvlgari_0


images (1)Bvlgari is known for serious eyewear too. Their optical frames are sexy, sophisticated and make wearing corrective lenses an asset. No longer do beautiful people spurn wearing eyeglasses when they have Bvlgari.

Since taking the CFO reins at Bvlgari in 1989, Ernesto Greco has steered the transformation of Bvlgari from a private, 60 million euro family-dominated firm, to a sprawling, sophisticated 828 million euro global player, the third largest jeweler in the world, behind Cartier and New York-based Tiffany. As one of the world’s leading designers, Bvlgari is known for uncompromising style as well as generous philanthropic efforts. We applaud the efforts of this powerhouse!

Stop in to see the latest styles from Bvlgari and other top designers at Optical Illusion Del Mar.

Optical Illusion

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Charmant – Elle Eyewear

Elle Eyewear is inspired by the Elle woman.

The range of new Elle optical styles by the Charmant Group encapsulates and captures two distinctive moods and looks of the Elle woman – sensual elegant and modern classic.


EL-13311 from Elle Eyewear and Charmant

The style is feminine – the frame is feminine. Think pearls, strands of jewelry, draping fabric in rich sumptuous folds – now you get the feel for the Elle woman that Charmant is designing for with their Elle Eyewear line.

Elle Eyewear is inspired by the Elle woman.  She is every woman and who every woman wants to be: feminine, modern, graceful, sensuous, chic and always irresistible. The Elle woman combines her own unique style with the latest trends, all with grace and ease.

Elle Eyewear from Charmant is elegant and stylish with exquisite detailing; like the pearl-like stones used to accent the temple. Classic colors are used including grey, warm red, tortoise shell and black.

Charmant was founded in Japan by Kaoru Horikawa as a manufacturer of optical spare parts, more than 60 years ago. Today the Charmant Group is a leading multi-national corporation for fashionable eyewear products dedicated to top quality, innovative design and cutting-edge style.

Charmant frames are available at Optical Illusions in Del Mar. Stop in and see the latest!

Optical Illusion

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eyebobs Reading Glasses


Every 8 seconds, someone turns 40. Eyes over the age of 40 begin to lose their flexibility which makes focusing at close range more difficult (also called presbyopia).

No, you don’t need longer arms, more light or a menu written in larger type. Diet, exercise and cryogenics will not stave off this condition. We hate to break it to you, but reading glasses are inevitable.

Now the good news! You are not doomed to wander the racks of drugstore readers in search of the least ugly pair of cheaters. Consider this: reading glasses are an opportunity to express yourself!


Eyebobs eyewear was born of the ultimate fashion conundrum.  Founder and President, Julie Allinson, found herself in need of reading glasses.  Her unique personal style left her with a strong aversion to readers of the cheap, drugstore variety.  This left her with one option, frames with a price tag that seemed more appropriate for a small automobile than reading glasses.  The business maven immediately recognized a niche.  She left her job as president of a children’s clothing company and set to work designing distinctive, high quality eyewear for the style conscious reader needer (that won’t break the bank).

Sir Elton John and his band rocked the Xcel Energy Center recently and they were all looking incredibly stylish! They love eyebobs! Seen here wearing these eyebob frames: Shade Teaser, Total Wit & Mr Digler.


You’re stylish, smart and a little bit sarcastic – your eyewear should be too.  Eyebobs have styles and colors to suit every mood, from dignified classics to big, bold and bright.  They’ve got sunglass readers to keep you looking stylish while reading outdoors. Prescription glasses? Convert your eyebobs into prescription eyewear.  Be the envy of younger eyes everywhere with your funky glasses!


Founded in 2001, eyebobs are reading glasses for the irreverent and slightly jaded.  Creativity, wit and a dash of sarcasm reign at the Minneapolis headquarters. Allinson creates the designs herself, with help from staff and optical nuts who share her quirky vision.  Styles range from the avant garde to buttoned-up conservative, all with a slightly tongue-in-cheek attitude.  Eyebobs firmly believes that your style should be sharp, even if your vision isn’t.


Alexander DAAS ~ Sexy With A Heart Of Gold!

Ring in the New Year! Happy 2014!!alexdaas

At Optical Illusions we love all our brands. (If we didn’t, we wouldn’t sell them!) But to kick off 2014 we want to celebrate the brand with the biggest Heart of Gold… Alexander DAAS.  We love your sexy styles and we love your heart for giving even more!!


Alexander DAAS’ sexy style, philosophy of giving and their attention to detail are all incredible and help to differentiate them from the rest.  Designed in California and handmade in Japan, the eyewear collection includes both classic and modern looks.  Frames are made from the finest Japanese zyl and Italian Mazzucchelli acetates and finished with Italian hinges and German screws.


Simply put, their sunglasses and eyeglasses are mad Sexy. Seen recently on the red carpets worn by Hollywood and major league players, Alexander DAAS pulls a look together and gives it edge.

Optical.Illusion.del.mar.alexander.daas Optical.Illusion.del.mar.alexander.daas2 Optical.Illusion.del.mar.alexander.daas3 Optical.Illusion.del.mar.alexander.daas4 Optical.Illusion.del.mar.alexander.daas5 Optical.Illusion.del.mar.alexander.daas6

San Francisco Giants, Brian Wilson is a huge Alexander DAAS fan and has been photographed many times on at events in Daas. Mike Rowe, star of hit show “Dirty Jobs” was spotted wearing style “eye do II” while on vacation. Jenny McCarthy LOVES her Alexander Daas eyewear. She rocks the modern/retro dark rectangular frame when doing TV appearances. Lo Bosworth, star of MTV’s Laguna Beach knows sunglasses and she prefers the original “eye do” frame when she’s out and about.  Double trouble ~ Rockstar Sammy Hagar and his beautiful wife Kari Hagar might be telling us they would marry again by sporting their Alexander DAAS “eye do” & “eye do II!”

Alexander DAAS ~ Philanthropy

A big shout out to ALEXANDER DAAS! Their philanthropic model should serve as inspiration and example to other companies. They are actually making a difference in other people’s lives and getting others giving too! Part of their formula is inspiring others to be involved as well.

In order to achieve this, ALEXANDER DAAS donates a percentage of its revenue from frame sales to charity. However, they don’t just simply choose to whom to donate ourselves. Their philanthropic efforts are designed to reflect the diverse interests of their partners and to inspire them to get involved. Donations are made in honor of individual retailers to charities of their choice. By allowing our local retailers choose, we are getting them involved in the process in hopes that philanthropy can become a bigger part of their lives, too. And perhaps they will get you, their customer, involved by getting your input about what charity to support…

There is so much to love about Alexander DAAS ~ here is a little more!


Kate Spade ~ New York Chic

Live Colorfully!katespade.w

Kate Spade eyewear is the pièce de résistance of the house of Kate Spade. Bold, colorful and fresh, Kate Spade eyewear is the choice of fashionistas around the world!

Free Download from Kate Spade

Click to download this season’s unique glasses print to all your digital devices:


Chic, fresh, modern and colorful ~ Kate Spade eyewear, frames & sunglasses  are here! Optical Illusion Del Mar carries the latest from Kate Spade New York.

It all started back in 1993, when Kate Brosnahan Spade, the former accessories editor at Mademoiselle, set out to design the perfect handbag. She has since made her mark in fashion with her fresh esthetic. She combines sleek, utilitarian shapes and colorful palettes in an entirely new way.

Women and fashion editors fell for the fresh, modern sensibility, and Kate Spade New York was born. They opened their first shop in new york city in 1996. Kate Spade’s graphic approach and trademark wit created a visual shorthand for a brand recognizable throughout Del Mar, San Diego, New York City and the world over.

Young Hollywood loves Kate Spade sunglasses. Seen in New York, Hilary Duff added an extra dose of sunshine to her fall-perfect ensemble with oversized chantal sunglasses from Kate Spade.


Katy Perry looking chic in her Kate Spade sunglasses at the coachella music festival ~


To find these styles and more, come visit us at Optical Illusion in Del Mar. We have an onsite lab and can even make prescription lenses for most customers within an hour. Some prescriptions may take longer. We are known for carrying the hottest fashion lines in eyewear, frames and sunglasses; as well as our personal, caring service. You not only look better but see better too!

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