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Polarized Sunglasses For Southern California Living

Polarized Sunglasses For Southern California Living

Polarized sunglasses are essential for Southern Californians.  Living, working and playing in sunny San Diego requires fashion forward eyewear, of course.  We all know that!  However, finding the perfect style of sunglasses that flatter your face and are comfortable is not the only thing you should be thinking about.  The first thing the team at Optical Illusion in Del Mar thinks about at when fitting clients is protecting their eyes.  That’s why we guide clients toward choosing sunglasses with polarized lenses.  Maui Jims is one of our most popular brands for fashionable, sporty, polarized sun protection. We can also put polarized lenses into almost any frame you choose – even prescription polarized lenses!

See Better at Sea

Polarized sunglasses protect the eyes from harmful rays but there is another very important reason for Southern Californians to wear them… You will see better with polarized lenses too!  Colors are more vivid and details in the ocean are much more visible.  This is really important when spending so much of our time on the beach and on the water here in San Diego.


Maui Jim Waterways sunglasses Style #: GS267-02MR Color:  Matte Black Rubber / Neutral Grey

Optical Illusion – Maui Jim Waterways sunglasses Style #: GS267-02MR Color: Matte Black Rubber / Neutral Grey

This picture was sent in by one of our customers.  Optical Illusion just fitted him with Maui Jim Waterways and loves them!  He has a difficult prescription but that was no problem for us.  As a fisherman he spends a lot of time on the ocean.  He needed sturdy frames with killer lenses so he can see under the water.  We made prescription polarized Maui Jim HT green lenses to give him the best underwater definition.  The matte black rubber frames are stylish and rugged, perfect for rough seas.  The frames look great too!

We always recommend polarized lenses to our customers to protect your vision and allow you to see the world more vividly.  Come in to Optical Illusion to see the difference for yourself.  You can try on different pairs and step out into the sunlight to see the difference.  It is remarkable!!

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